A title that best for it to be less than 2.5 lines short yeeeee


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By NaserAldeen

- ١٦ أبريل ٢٠٢٤

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A title that best for it to be less than 2.5 lines short yeeeee

main things to make a post is to have a language set when you go to post tab from the right side. if you dont have a language set it wont show. choose then the category in the same language as the post. tags can be added and will show on the post page next to the categories (there is no filter for them yet though). also importantly, the posts on the blog show accompanied by a “featured image”. you set it from the post tab on the right side down. (the picture looks best if its a vertical 4:5 ratio.

you can also write an excerpt. if you put a post in uncategorized it wont show. if you also dont post it and save it as a draft it wont show either. if you check the box (stick to the top of the blog) you can add it to the “popular posts” section, this section takes the most recent 3 posts that are “sticky”

choose the author and write your content and thats it i believe! the rest now is just stylizing options?

Some Styling Options that can show on the website

  • color a word: you can use the arrow when you select text then choose highlight then choose text and colors. our website colors are in the collection.
  • bold: select word and make it bold
  • sizing: you can only size a whole section from the side bar
    • subcategories 1
    • subcategories 2
  • add inline code print("ooo")

Other things you can do is have a background like this – i dont think you would want it tho

you can change the picture size by either squishing it or from the size options that appear when you click it.

Mastering the Art of Cross-Selling

Effective cross-selling requires a deep understanding of your product range and how these can align with customer needs. For instance, suggesting a high-quality lens when a customer purchases a new camera not only adds to the sale but significantly enhances the customer’s photography experience.

Using Technology to Enhance Upselling and Cross-Selling

At ordable/, we have developed sophisticated tools to help businesses capitalize on upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Our platform includes an automated upselling engine that intelligently suggests upgrades, and a manual cross-selling engine that allows for personalized product recommendations. These tools ensure that recommendations are not just relevant but also timely, increasing the likelihood of purchase.

The art of upselling and cross-selling, when executed effectively, can transform the way businesses approach sales and customer relationships. By leveraging these strategies along with the power of technology, businesses can not only boost their revenue but also enrich the customer experience, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

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